Mijn Layer

Ook je eigen Layer op je iPhone of Android?



The Dutch company Layar invented and facilitates the use of layers by the Augmented Reality Browser, framework and backend systems.

In the 3rd weekend of November 2011, the “Smartlappen Festival” takes place in Utrecht. With the Smartlappen Festival Utrecht Layer it is possible to locate your favorite performance.

Smartlap Layer iPhoneSmartlap Layer Android

For Dutch Psychologists Contractvrije Psycholoog my-layer.com designed the layer to find a psychologist in your neighbourhood independent from insurance companies: Layer Psycholoog Contractvrij.

Contractvrije Psychologen Layer iPhoneContractvrije Psychologen Layer Android

Another nice layer shows the Tweets from Twitter around, reply directly or follow the twitter user.

Tweets in the Hood Layer iPhoneTweets in the Hood Layer Android

Want to check recent pictures on Flickr in your neighbourhood? Access the “FlickR & R Around” Layer on your iPhone or Android .

FlickR&R Around Layer iPhoneFlickR&R Around Layer Android

Living or traveling in Canada and looking for a local company? Search and Find locally with the “Yellow Pages Canada” layer .

YellowPages Canada Layer iPhoneYellowPages Canada Layer Android

In the USA and the desire to listen to the radio on your mobile? Look for and find a radiostation around with the “Radio USA” layer. Access the “Radio USA” layer on your iPhone or Android.